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Trail purchase loan

Loan amount remaining on trail purchase

Most of the trail property has been paid for thanks to a grant from the ODNR Clean Ohio Trails Fund and generous individual and business donors. However, as of 11/26/19, we have an outstanding loan amount of about $8,894.00. We would like to pay off this amount as quickly as possible as we are paying interest. Anyone who would like to help us get this loan balance to zero ASAP, please click the CONTRIBUTE tab. Any amount is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!


Work Days

All are welcome to help us on work days. We do require membership in NLGRT, Inc. to participate for insurance and liability reasons. Annual membership dues are $10/person or $15/couple. You may sign up at the work day. We will announce work days via e-mail. If you would like to be on the work day e-mail list, please e-mail Thank you!


We meet monthly. Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 7th, 2020, at 7pm in the basement of the Greenwich Methodist church.  All are welcome to our meetings.

Photos from Work Days

July 13, 2019

July 27, 2019

Culvert West of Euclid Road

Looking East from Culvert

Culvert Pipe Near Euclid Rd Installation August 2019

Culvert Pipe Near Euclid Road Installation Complete August 2019

We own the trail property!

We own the trail property!

The purchase from Wheeling and Lake Erie railroad is final. We are now working on clearing the trail so that we can do all that is necessary to open it for use by the public. THE TRAIL IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. You are welcome to join us for trail workdays which are usually the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. If you would like to be on the work day e-mail list, please e-mail